Bob's Head

John Gatti says you need to leave now

6 December
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What to say, what to say?

I'm eclectic.

I've got very little class, but quite a lot of style, which is why I try to let my wife and her friends pick out my clothes, especially for work.

I'm a Daddy. That's two words just packed with info, especially if you're one too.

I've got a college degree I don't use much, and a brain I use way too much.

I can't stop thinking. Ever.

One of my two best friends once said about me, in my presence, to the rest of my friends, "Sometimes you've just got to get into Bob's head. Then get right the hell back out as fast as humanly possible."

My friends were once arguing which is more dangerous - an assault rifle or a hamster. The prevailing opinion was 'The assault rifle, duh. Unless Bob's got the hamster.'

I don't TRY to be weird. All my life I wanted to be normal.

My wife thinks my particular not-normal is attractive. In the 'now-I'm-a-daddy' kind of way.

Weird isn't so bad any more.